Easter Celebrations & Speckled Cake


Easter recalls memories of warm spring days, dressing up in bright dresses and frilly socks. This year I opted for long pants, winter coats, and furry boots to keep warm among the wind and ice going out from family function to family function.

Luckily I was asked to make an Easter dessert; nothing quite like the warm oven and warming smell of cake!


I’m sure you’ve seen this type of cake design in various searches of “Easter cake” around the internet, just as I have. I decide to give this a try and see exactly how this “speckled” design really came across and how much of our kitchen I would have to scrub down afterward to get all those wayward specks off.

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Classic Brownies & Tuesdays with Bogart

It’s Tuesday, it’s grey and rainy, and I’ve been incredibly terribly sick for the past week. I’m finally on the mend, but tonight I needed some comfort in the way of Casablanca and chocolate.


Sometimes you just need brownies and Bogart.


I’ve made this recipe many times and have adapted it throughout the years. Bonus to me, it doesn’t have eggs in it. It’s nothing fancy and it’s not meant to be showy, it’s just meant to be good. Deeply, satisfyingly good.

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Sprinkled Chocolate Shards & Summer Project Pt. 1

Welcome to the first installment of the Mint Tea & Honey Summer Project! Inspired by Katherine Sabbath, throughout the summer I will be recreating elements from her world famous cakes and sharing them with you. The final post bringing it all together in one magical final cake with a step-by-step tutorial. Let’s get to it!

Bold and beautifully swirled chocolate shards, dusted with whimsical sprinkles and pearl dust.

I love these guys!

Chocolate shards have a lot going for them. They are versatile, long lasting, and great to have around to add as a show stopping garnish. The many colours are wildly available too so it’s great for whatever occasion you need them for. They have many applications!:

  • Wrap them up in clear cellophane bags tied with pretty ribbon for individual gifts or impressive party favours
  • Top cupcakes or cakes for an impressive architectural feature
  • Serve alongside hot chocolate as a fanciful little add-on

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Ombré Cake How-To & Pretty in Pink

Pretty in pink!


This beauty is a sweet little number. Rosewater Red Velvet, swirled in that irresistible ombré. The sugar cookies are a classic you can’t help but love (who doesn’t love sugar and cookies? Win/win), but that’s for another post!


The red velvet and rosewater combination is one I’ve come back to for years, and I fall in love with all over again every time. And despite how it make look, this isn’t a dainty little cake either… I actually flipped it right over onto the counter at one point! Don’t judge me too much: a little cardboard round placed on a not all too sturdy cake stand, and a perfectionist baker who just can’t leave things well enough alone made for a bit of dangerous situation. But I picked the upside down cake off the (thankfully clean!) counter, plopped it back on the stand, and we were back in business :). It has to happen to everyone once, right?

With an ombré icing this cake is right on trend. A very forgiving technique, ombré-ing your cake is easy and great for beginners or in the windows of high-end bakeries.

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Mini Cheesecakes (for All Seasons) & The Start of Summer

What better way to ring in a new season?

Sunday was a celebration of summer and fathers. It was warm as anything and filled with sun and family.

I was (happily) charged with making the dessert and I decided on a few perimetres before picking a dessert.

I didn’t want something that would a) have me stuck in the kitchen, b) have the oven on for hours, c) was cool and refreshing, d) was a crowd pleaser.

Cue fruity, mini cheesecakes with a coconut cookie crumb.

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Summer Update & Discoveries: Katherine Sabbath

Katherine Sabbath10

Beautiful. I’m in love. Can you be head-over-heels with an incomparable aesthetic of a cake? Because I’m definitely feeling it.

A few weeks ago I came across Katherine Sabbath and the art that she bakes. A teacher and home-baker (yay! Love hearing about meteoric rises of home-bakers. Gives me that cuddly hopeful feeling) living in Australia that makes some of the most interesting and absolutely inspired cakes. Her bold colour choices and whimsical, out-of-the-box approach is just flooring. She’s an architect with such intentionality about her craft, yet makes it seems that these have come together organically. I have very little beyond that to say as there is no way to adequately describe these confectionery wonders! Take a look at all of these guys and try not to be blown away:

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Chocolate Clementine Naked Cake & the Wedding Season Begins!

This weekend I had the honour of celebrating my sister and soon to be brother in law.  With fifty of their friend invited it was a roaring time! We had a champagne bar, french macarons, gold table clothes, and great people to wine and dine with.

With setting up a large party room, decorating, preparing the food, and everything that comes with hosting a large crowd an hour away from home, baking couldn’t take the main focus. It had to be split up equally. Good thing the bride and groom are loving the new naked cake trend!  

I’m sure you’ve heard of new naked cake trend. Not as scandalous as it sounds, but simple and easy to dress up for a party! Exactly the kind of cake this wedding shower needed. The recipe comes from a modified version of this Chocolate Fudge recipe, made mini 6 inch rounds, baked for 24 minutes. Filled with an orange and clementine icing, it’s a refreshing combination to balance out the rich chocolate.

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Individual Banana Cream Pies & Spring Nights


My brief hiatus since my last post was not intentional. This past week has been a long and difficult one. A dream I have had and wanted desperately for years was in reach, and unfortunately fell through. Not going to lie, I was absolutely devastated. A lot of hours of tears later, I’m back to doing what I love.

On that list is warm spring evenings, quiet times with my husband, and banana cream pie.


Thick, creamy, refreshing, sweet, with a balance of the salty and deliciously simple graham cracker crust. A win on all fronts.

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Champagne Doughnut Cupcakes & Happy Thursdays

Somethings just go together. Typically you wouldn’t find “champagne”, “doughnuts”, and “cupcakes” together as one but…


It works. Welcome to the world of Champagne Doughnut Cupcakes!

My Thursday has been a great one. Got to go down to my favourite bakery in town (maybe ever!) and meet a few lovely people and grab the best vegan gluten-free brownie ever. Sometimes the best desserts are ones you don’t have to make yourself. Then later, I cracked open the champagne and poured it into a cupcake recipe. Yeah, today has been pretty good!


I love champagne. Really. I would have a mimosa everyday if I had a champagne fountain and an orange grove out back. Alas, I don’t. Usually I save a bottle for something special, or a mini bottle to celebrate the weekend. But these guys are deserving of such a treat.

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