Summer Update & Discoveries: Katherine Sabbath

Katherine Sabbath10

Beautiful. I’m in love. Can you be head-over-heels with an incomparable aesthetic of a cake? Because I’m definitely feeling it.

A few weeks ago I came across Katherine Sabbath and the art that she bakes. A teacher and home-baker (yay! Love hearing about meteoric rises of home-bakers. Gives me that cuddly hopeful feeling) living in Australia that makes some of the most interesting and absolutely inspired cakes. Her bold colour choices and whimsical, out-of-the-box approach is just flooring. She’s an architect with such intentionality about her craft, yet makes it seems that these have come together organically. I have very little beyond that to say as there is no way to adequately describe these confectionery wonders! Take a look at all of these guys and try not to be blown away:





Welcome to my summer project! You can bet that recreating one of her masterpieces is just something I have to try my hand at. Over the course of the summer I’m going to go through and make each element to her cakes, including recipes and tips posted here on my blog, and come up with a final cake that pulls it all in together.

To that end my apologies for not posting as of late! Wedding season and that early summer chaos took over every single day I had. But with the challenge and motivation of trying my hand at Katherine Sabbaths’ cakes, you can be sure I’ll be posting a great deal more. Thank to the many of you who kept checking in and sent me lovely emails! Please feel free to contact me anytime, I’ve loved hearing from you!

Happy baking and creating,



All images of this post are credited to KATHERINE SABBATH. I do not own any of these images. Please check out her Instagram (katherine_sabbath), google the many articles she’s been in including this recent Buzzfeed post, and drop her an email about how incredible you find what she’s creating (


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